March 7, 2012

Day 58

Well, it's not much but I have a little update on Liam's room, I finally got my chair! Yay! I've been looking on craigslist every day for either a glider or a recliner and I've emailed so many people that haven't responded or actually just sold it or whatever, and I'll admit I was losing steam, but I looked yesterday and what to my wondering eyes did appear? An ad for a lazy boy recliner for $40 dollars! Trying not to get my hopes up too high, I clicked on the link and almost peed myself (not too hard to do these days lol) It was a brown, leather, overstuffed lazy boy, it rocks and reclines with a full one piece footrest, and it was right down the road. I emailed back and said I could come Wednesday morning and I knew it wouldn't last long so I was really really hoping I had responded first. I waited all day checking my email a million times like a 14 year old with a crush, and finally a response, and it was mine! (Yes, craigslisting really can get that intense.)

Picking it up today was just the icing on the cake as we met the young woman who was the seller. She loves craigslist and being thrifty just as much as we do, she had been using the chair in her children's nursery and could vouch that it was perfect for late nights, their family is christian, they plan on adopting their third child, we had so much in common and she was just really really nice. I guess it might sound weird but to me Craigslist is really a blessing and almost even a religious practice because it helps us be good stewards with our belongings and our money, and we bless each other when we give and receive items. Plus you never know who it's going to bring into your life and how it's going to change you both even if it's just a moment out of your life. I know it might sound weird but I'm very grateful for craigslist.

My Beloved 
Anyway back to the chair, it's awesome! It's older and its been moved like 4 times now, some parts are loose here and there, but it's nothing that can't be fixed with a little work, and it certainly doesn't hinder it's comfort. I'm guessing there will even be some nights Im sleeping in it before and after he's born and I wouldn't mind at all. Also it looks awesome with the theme of the room that vintagy locker room thing we have going on, it just fits. The biggest thing it has against it is that the leather is getting dry, there's no big cracks and no tears but it's a little dry and rough, so my next project will be the restoration of the chair. I need to figure out the best thing to recondition and clean the leather, and tighten a few screws here and there and then it will be %100 perfect.And my next search will be for a small side table where I can keep things handy and maybe a low watt lamp. I'll let you know how it goes. Now lets talk about how I spent the last week and a half or so.

It turns out that I got really bored not having anything more to do in Liam's room and decided it was time to finally clean out the junk room and set up the 2 guest rooms as it's getting to be that time where we will start having people stay over again for showers and Easter and meeting Liam.

The Golden Poo Room

 But as I got to work I couldn't bring myself to set our junk room up as a guest room looking as ugly as it did. It's a very small room and I wanted to use it as home base for my sewing machine and desk as well as a bedroom so I needed to open it up. It was painted a horrible dark yellowy brownish color and had one window with a blind and one window with heavy khaki curtains and the door was painted two colors of off white, it was just a mess and I couldn't take it anymore and I was bored. Lucky for me there was a whole can of paint in the basement unopened and it was a nice very light icy blue. I figured I could just perk it up quite easily.

After the 2nd coat of paint
Unfortunately for me it was very cheap paint. Now if I had been buying paint I wouldn't have messed around but it was just there in the basement so I figured I should take my chances after all it was free and I wouldn't have to spend a decade debating what color to get. Big mistake, don't get me wrong it did work out in the end but it was not a pretty process. To start with the paint was pretty much the consistency of water. The first coat barely made a dent in the fight against the golden poo and used a third of my can! (Remember this is a very small room.) The second coat still looked worse than my first coat in Liam's room. By the third coat it was acceptable and it had to be because there was barely enough paint left for the touch-ups and cut-ins around the trim. If you look from a distance it looks fine now, definitely and improvement over the golden poo, but when you get up close there are still thin spots. It's very frustrating but I am working on getting over it, my therapist has been very understanding. Haha just kidding, but seriously if there's anything good to come of this it has reinforced yet again how important it is to just use a good paint the first time. It will save you so much time and energy. If this had been a normal sized room I would have needed at least 2 gallons, maybe more. So let me just say it again, if you are going to paint a room and you care at all how it looks, buy good paint!

Nothing more, nothing less

All said though in the end I am quite happy with the finished project. It's bright and airy and I have my work station and the guest bed both. As D says, "It looks like a guestroom, nothing more, nothing less, and that's a compliment"

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