January 11, 2012

Day 1

D putting the crib together

Well day one started off most interestingly as the nesting bug apparently hit D while I was trying to clear out the room from it's previous life as a guest room. He decided that since he has always hated the ceiling fan stating his complaints as "too low, ugly, and white" he would just take it down and be done with it. This was fairly easily accomplished however it has left the room without a light and now I can only work in there durring daylight hours and we have to shop for a new fixture. The good news was we still had a lot of daylight left so we finished clearing, and cleaning and left for Walmart to pick up our crib. We ordered the Graco Charleston in classic cherry. After looking at cribs in person at Burlington we found this one to be a good fit for our style and for me as I am only 5ft tall and this is a shorter style. It was $159 plus tax. We got site to store shipping so it would be free and it's arrival would be guaranteed. It was an easy process although it does take up to 10 days for the order to come in. The box was pretty beat up and it just barely fit in our van so I will admit I was a little nervous. Once we got it home and upstairs we had a few minutes of figuring out what we were really supposed to be doing and what went where, but it went together easily once we got situated and Im very happy with it. The color is nice, there were no flaws, and it feels very sturdy.

Walmart: Graco Charleston

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