January 10, 2012


I decided to start a blog to chronicle the creation of our nursery because I'm always looking for inspiration when it comes to decorating and because I really enjoy decorating and want to be able to share the process with friends and family as well.

For anyone looking for inspiration I will be documenting all the processes and products we use as well as my thoughts about them. I will provide relevant links at the bottom of each entry.

Our House 
We currently live in a house owned by the church my husband serves. It is an American foursquare built sometime around 1898 I believe. We have lived here a year and a half and we expect to be here at least another year and a half. As the house has always belonged to the church I can't even begin to guess how many families have lived here in the past 100 years. I do know that in the last 30 years there have been 8 families and at least a few babies were born durring their family's time here. I think it is amazing to be a part of that much history. Unfortunately this history has taken a toll on the house and there is only so much I can do to repair it, although if I could I would love to restore the whole thing. I will be doing my best to add to the beauty and character of the house, repair what is within my power, and employ a style that will hopefully appeal to future families. Im not a professional by any means I just love houses and putting together a style that captures the character of our family and the house.

American Foursquare

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