January 24, 2012

Day 15


I finally got back in the room today and put on the second coat. It looks pretty good but it was not an easy room to paint, the walls are in really bad shape and of course I'm limited by finances so I cant really do everything I want.

One thing I still have a problem with is where the walls meet the ceiling, it's in terrible shape and the paint is still messy even after taping it, and using an edger. It really needs a crown molding but that's not happening so I hope that once there is more in the room it wont be so noticeable. It's okay at a distance but up close, yuck. I also dont like that all the trim is white but it has a ton of paint on it and the white is a gloss so to do it right I would need to sand it down and I just don't have the time, energy, or resources to do that, so it stays white and again I hope that when all is said and done it won't stand out as much.

Tomorrow will start the biggest and hardest task which is to get all the old paint up off the floors. Yay.


  1. From my two weeks of painting Wilmott: It's better to make a mistake high when doing the edge between ceiling and wall. In other words, get some new paint on the ceiling, it's much harder to see than leaving some old color on the wall.

  2. Buy some complimentary wallpaper border and put that around the top of the wall. Not at all hard to do and makes painting a whole lot easier.

  3. Hey Bec room looks great and the floors are amazing great job!!! About your crown molding issue...we had the same problem with money so we went to home depot and scoped out some trim with a flat top that would fit nicely to the ceiling..we found that door trim worked well if you put that in place of crown it really doesnt look bad at all...not perfect but better than paint lines (which I also HATE lol) :)