January 11, 2012

Day 2

How many browns are out there? 
Today I probably won't be doing much work because there's not much I can do until I get some supplies this weekend. I did however already spend the morning choosing a paint color. I put them all up on the wall near the crib and eliminated the palettes one by one. In person the first 4 choices on the left clearly pulled green and did not go well with the crib. I then placed the remaining 3 right on the crib and was able to eliminate one more. The last two were hard, I moved them all over the room and studied them in every light at every angle and finally narrowed my choice down to 4 colors. I gave it a break and when I came back I kept gravitating toward one. Now I know me and I could easily keep agonizing over this choice for days and chances are I might still change my mind but for now it is made up. The walls will be painted Sherwin Williams 6094 Sensational Sand. I have a coupon that I think I will use to buy a sample just to make sure though. Who knew it could be so hard to commit to a paint color?  At least I know what paint I like and that is Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. Last year I was painting a room and I did a lot of research on what paint I wanted to use before deciding on SW and I was so glad I did. The difference between a good paint and a cheap paint is huge! Superpaint went on so nicely, the color was even, and it covered with one coat. Even though it is a little more expensive, they have frequent sales and you can sign up for a free savings program. The customer service is always good and they even provide the services of a decorator who will come to your house for free to help you design your room and pick your colors. I will never go back I am a customer for life.

Sherwin Williams

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